Make Your Correspondence Secure

28 Sep

Antivirus downloads against threats in your mailbox

You cannot use Internet and not have an e-mail account. In the modern world you are more likely not to have a cell phone, but you most definitely have an e-mail. And if you are using it a lot you are getting plenty of correspondence, and some percent of that correspondence is bound to be spam. Some of it harmless and some booby-trapped with links to or even directly attached virus programs. You may be able to tell the obvious malicious content of your e-mails when then come from obvious spam resources i.e. contain random word combination in the topic or the “sender” field is signed with some absolutely fantastic name. But the virus attacks work in another way, too.

The dangerous letter may come from your best friend, the text may be coherent and the attachment may look harmless enough – just an archive with pictures mentioned in the letter or some small piece of software your friend may recommend to you – a game or a small utility application for small tasks. The bad news is – even your best friend’s e-mail can be hacked or the user info may be phished (stolen) from him or her. And it is not at all a letter that your friend sent you, but a bulk spam sendout programmed by a script running through the whole address book available to the account and sending out an attractive-looking letter to each and every correspondent. You certainly don’t want that script to be activated on your PC after you had opened the scam letter.

Still when using e-mail in the browser you are subject to a certain amount of risk. But it is not   always convenient to handle all your e-mail correspondence in the browser, especially when you have several e-mail accounts that you need access to every moment (which gets especially tricky if you have several accounts within one e-mail service). In that case the situation itself is calling for usage of e-mail handling software like Outlook Express of Mozilla Thunderbird and the likes. You get access to all of you mail at once, but in most cases you also download all the letters and attachments directly to your hard drive. Which in case of no active spam-filters pretty soon turns into a small zoo of Internet threats. Download antivirus software and forget about the problem altogether. Just activate and update the chosen protector of your PC and watch the malicious programs and cunning Trojans get burnt to metaphysical ashes or quarantined until you decide upon their destiny yourself. An anti virus download from our site is your first and best step on the way to full security of your personal computer. Build up the wall of defence against the many Internet dangers for your hardware with our antivirus downloads and never ever worry about the security of you Internet surfing. “Here there might be dragons”, but our anti-viruses will take care of that!




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